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  • Triple Chocolate Cake by Sophie Sucree

    Triple Chocolate Cake

    From: $42.00 Select options

    This best selling cake boasts a triple chocolate delight: three layers of rich and moist chocolate cake, decadent chocolate frosting, and a thick and scrumptious layer of ganache on top.

    This one is perfect to please any crowd, for any occasion 🙂

  • delicious piece of cherry cheesecake at Sophie Sucree Vegan Bakery in Montreal

    Cherry Cheesecake

    From: $7.00 + GST & QST Select options

    Our famous cherry “cheesecake” No one will know this is made with cashews and 100% plant based, but everyone will be impressed! This cake is gorgeous, and the ruby red sweet cherries make for a romantic and delicious dessert. ❤️

  • Chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing by Sophie Sucree

    Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Icing

    From: $4.50 + GST & QST Select options

    yum! delicious chocolate cupcake with a wonderful chocolate frosting and a dusting of coco powder.

    sold individually or by the half-dozen!

  • Spiced Carrot Cake - Sophie Sucree - Vegan Bakery - Montreal

    Spiced Carrot Cake Square

    From: $5.50 + GST & QST Select options

    A thick layer of super moist and bouncy spiced carrot cake with buttery pecans and topped with a zesty lemon glaze. finally garnished with candied carrots and candied pecans. So good! 

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