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  • Triple Chocolate Cake by Sophie Sucree

    Triple Chocolate Cake

    From: $50.00 Select options

    This best selling cake boasts a triple chocolate delight: three layers of rich and moist chocolate cake, decadent chocolate frosting, and a thick and scrumptious layer of ganache on top.

    This one is perfect to please any crowd, for any occasion 🙂

  • Croissant by Sophie Sucree


    From: $3.85 + GST & QST Select options

    Our incomparable vegan croissants will blow you away! Flaky, crispy, layered, buttery! Amazing on their own, or with your favourite spread, or turned into a sandwich or anything you heart desires!

    All made by hand in house (we even make the butter ourselves!).

  • Chocolatine by Sophie Sucree


    From: $5.95 + GST & QST Select options

    our delicious croissant dough wrapped around two bars of fine Belgian chocolate. All made in house by hand  using plant-based ingredients

  • Chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing by Sophie Sucree

    Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Icing

    From: $5.15 + GST & QST Select options

    yum! delicious chocolate cupcake with a wonderful chocolate frosting and a dusting of coco powder.

    sold individually or by the half-dozen!

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie by Sophie Sucree

    Chocolate Chip Cookie

    From: $3.75 + GST & QST Select options
  • Cinnamon Bun

    From: $6.25 + GST & QST Select options
  • Brownie at Sophie Sucree Vegan Bakery in Montreal

    Brownie Ganache

    From: $6.00 + GST & QST Select options

    Brownies are such a popular treat! You probably grew up eating them whether home baked or store bought. We wanted to capture the delicious nostalgia of the brownie, but make it vegan AND without gluten. This is an irresistably tender gluten-sensitive brownie with a decadent and luxurious chocolate ganache piped ontop. Chocolate lovers rejoice!

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