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  • Triple Chocolate Cake by Sophie Sucree

    Triple Chocolate Cake

    From: $50.00 Select options

    This best selling cake boasts a triple chocolate delight: three layers of rich and moist chocolate cake, decadent chocolate frosting, and a thick and scrumptious layer of ganache on top.

    This one is perfect to please any crowd, for any occasion 🙂

  • Croissant by Sophie Sucree


    From: $3.85 + GST & QST Select options

    Our incomparable vegan croissants will blow you away! Flaky, crispy, layered, buttery! Amazing on their own, or with your favourite spread, or turned into a sandwich or anything you heart desires!

    All made by hand in house (we even make the butter ourselves!).

  • Chocolatine by Sophie Sucree


    From: $5.95 + GST & QST Select options

    our delicious croissant dough wrapped around two bars of fine Belgian chocolate. All made in house by hand  using plant-based ingredients

  • Chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing by Sophie Sucree

    Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Icing

    From: $5.15 + GST & QST Select options

    yum! delicious chocolate cupcake with a wonderful chocolate frosting and a dusting of coco powder.

    sold individually or by the half-dozen!

  • Frozen cinnamon buns ready for your home oven at Sophie Sucree vegan bakery Montreal

    Ready-to-Bake Cinnamon Bun ( x 6 )

    $24.00 + GST & QST Add to cart

    pack of 6 frozen vegan cinnamon buns! 

    the softest dough filled and rolled with cinnamon & brown sugar 🙂

    bake incredible professional quality cinnamon buns at home – it could not be easier <3

  • A croissant mixed with a cookie. How magical. Handmade and baked right here at Sophie Sucree


    From: $7.50 + GST & QST Select options

    The viral crookie is in montreal!

    Our flaky croissant stuffed and topped with cookie dough. Its crispy and chewy on the outside, soft on the inside.

    100% vegan & made in house

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