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  • Almond Croissant by Sophie Sucree

    Almond Croissant

    From: $6.45 + GST & QST Select options

    The best pastry you will ever eat! Seriously!

    Our famous layered and buttery vegan croissants stuffed with an almond praline crème we make ourselves. Then there’s icing sugar and slivered almonds on top for some extra crunch and sweetness. A true delight 🙂

  • Chocolate Banana Bread by Sophie Sucree

    Chocolate Banana Bread

    From: $3.75 + GST & QST Select options
  • Croissant by Sophie Sucree


    From: $3.85 + GST & QST Select options

    Our incomparable vegan croissants will blow you away! Flaky, crispy, layered, buttery! Amazing on their own, or with your favourite spread, or turned into a sandwich or anything you heart desires!

    All made by hand in house (we even make the butter ourselves!).

  • Chocolatine by Sophie Sucree


    From: $5.95 + GST & QST Select options

    our delicious croissant dough wrapped around two bars of fine Belgian chocolate. All made in house by hand  using plant-based ingredients

  • Spinach & Feta puff pastry by Sophie Sucree

    Spinach & “Feta” Puff Pastry

    From: $6.35 + GST & QST Select options

    our best-seller! this puff pastry is stuffed with spinach and a vegan “feta” reminiscent of spanakopitas 🙂

  • Cranberry, Orange, and Pecan Scone by Sophie Sucree

    Cranberry Orange and Pecan Scone

    From: $3.75 + GST & QST Select options

    Nos scones moelleux  orange, pacane et canneberge. Egalement disponibles en pack de 6 à cuire à la maison pour combler toutes les envies 🙂

  • Orange Pecan Cranberry Scone by Sophie Surcee

    Ready to Bake Cranberry Orange Pecan Scone

    $13.75 Add to cart

    half a dozen (6) of our homey and comforting cranberry orange pecan scones. bakes in minutes ! it’ll fill your home with a beautiful smell and in no time you will have the fluffiest freshly baked scones perfect for breakfast or brunch 🙂

  • Spinach Feta Puff Pastry from Sophie Sucree

    Ready to Bake Spinach & “Feta” Puff Pastry

    $23.00 Add to cart

    our best selling pastry is now available in frozen packs of 6 so you can have freshly baked puff pastry whenever you want at home 🙂


  • Fennel Sausage Mozza Puff at Sophie Sucree Vegan Bakery in Montreal

    Fennel “Sausage & Mozza” Puff

    From: $6.65 + GST & QST Select options

    Part of our savoury menu available now.

    Everything tastes better wrapped in puff pastry! We make puff pastry dough by hand from scratch and then we roll it out and stuff it with the most delicious savoury fillings. Sophie Sucree is already famous for their spanakopita style spinach and “feta”puffs (link here) and now we are adding another delectible puff to the menu. Check out our must try fennel “sausage” & “mozza” puffs full of creamy cheesey plant-based “mozzarella” and succulent fennel “sausage” curls. It’s meaty, it’s cheesy, and it fits perfectly in your hand so you can eat it on the go as a quick snack. Try pairing it with a soup or salad (goes great with our slaw tbh!) for an easy lunch. Everything made in house. Served hot and crispy.

  • Lemon Cake Square at Sophie Sucree Vegan Patisserie

    Lemon Cake Square

    From: $5.95 + GST & QST Select options
  • A croissant mixed with a cookie. How magical. Handmade and baked right here at Sophie Sucree


    From: $7.50 + GST & QST Select options

    The viral crookie is in montreal!

    Our flaky croissant stuffed and topped with cookie dough. Its crispy and chewy on the outside, soft on the inside.

    100% vegan & made in house

  • tasteful little Ready-to-Bake Mozza 'N' Sausage Puffs available at Sophie Sucree vegan bakery in Montreal

    Ready-to-Bake Fennel “Sausage & Mozza” Puffs

    $25.00 + GST & QST Add to cart

    Frozen pack of 6 “sausage & mozzarella” puffs. 

    Vegan puff pastry filled with “mozzarella” and fennel “sausage” – 100% vegan as always! – no meat, no eggs, no dairy! All made in house.

    Part of our savoury menu available now. Also available baked! 


  • All Day Breakfast Croissant at Sophie Sucree Vegan Bakery in Montreal Quebec

    All Day Breakfast Croissant

    $14.35 + GST & QST Add to cart

    Part of our savoury menu available now, in boutique only.

    Your plant-based breakfast dreams have finally come true! Maybe eggs aren’t available after 11am elsewhere, but chez Sophie Sucree they’re available all day and prepared hot to order! 

    Our breakfast croissant is the ultimate sandwich that takes vegan breakfast options to new levels! We wont settle for anything less than the best – and although plant based eggs, sausages and cheeses out there are getting more and more on point, we just had to make our own!

    We read through countless vegan cookbooks, tried new culinary techniques and after lots of recipe testing and taste tests we have crafted an eggy “omelette”, a melty cheesey “cheddar”, and a firm yet tender smoky maple “sausage” with lots of deep umami.

    All of these breakfast classics are served on our famous crispy hand rolled croissants with a secret house mayo style sauce and then grilled to perfection! Pairs amazingly well with one of delicious fair trade espresso based bevvys, but you can get any house drink along with your ADB croissant sold together as a duo.

    Stop by in the morning for the perfect breakfast on the go – or honestly anytime of day you want a delicious sandwich 😉

  • Tuna Salad Croissant at Sophie Sucree Vegan Bakery in Montreal

    “Tuna” Salad Croissant

    $11.20 + GST & QST Add to cart

    Part of our savoury menu available now, in boutique only.

    Tuna salad sandwhiches are known for their hearty convenice – they are everywhere from diner menus to lunch boxes. Our plant-based version of this comforting sandwhich uses the humble and versitile chickpea to replace the tuna.

    Chickpeas are packed with protein and have a great texture making them an excellent and sustainable substitute, plus we prepare ours with nori which adds hints of the ocean for a more authentic flavour.

    Our “tuna” salad is creamy and full of crunch with chopped cubed celery, carrots, red onion, and fresh dill enveloped in our zippy mayo style sauce. We have further elevated this ubiquitous sandwich by serving it on our famous fresh layered croissants.

    Have it alone or pair it with our creamy slaw salad, or one of our hot homestyle soups for the perfect lunch!

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