Tomato Tapenade “Grilled Cheese”

& Livraison à Montréal!

Part of our savoury menu available now, in boutique only.

For a perfect grilled cheese you need two things: amazing bread and amazing cheese. So we use beautiful slices of poolish bread by la boulangerie du Mile-End Guillaume. And inside we use our house made vegan “cheddar” that is savoury and sharp and melts real good – as it should! We grill them to cripsy golden brown perfection, so pull apart your grilled cheese triangles and check out gooey “cheddar cheese” inside. Take it over the top, and enhance your grilled “cheese” with the addition of our delectable house made fillings: caramelised onions, tomato tapenade, or our fennel “sausage”. Pro tip: turn your “grilled cheese” into a “tuna melt” with the addition of “tuna salad” to your “grilled cheese”! Pair it with grilled cheese’s #1 bff the tomato soup. Go right ahead and dunk your cheesey triangles into our roasted tomato soup 😉

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