Fous de Lile Kombucha

& Livraison à Montréal!

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Fous de Lile uses a meticulous two-stage fermentation method that infuses every bottle with the phenomenal flavour and fantastic fizz that they strive for.

Their recipe begins with a blend of green and black teas, which are then fermented over several weeks with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast lovingly called the Scoby.


Cherry | Flavour of a fruit’s embrace. Easy on the eyes, tantalizing to the tongue, and good for the gut. A superb accompaniment to any meal or any moment.

Ginger | Flavour of a wizardly rhizome. You can always go another round with ginger in your corner. Embrace the vegetable virtues and let the wellness take root.

Hibiscus Chai | Flavour of floral infusion. Opposites attract! This duo combines a stormy and spicy side with a delicate and floral side that bring out the best in each other.

Perennial | Flavour of an eternal oasis. As close as your tastebuds can get to frolicking in an herb garden. Fresh, clean, and bright—a sprig of greens you can sip on.

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