Fennel “Sausage & Mozza” Puff

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Everything tastes better wrapped in puff pastry! We make puff pastry dough by hand from scratch and then we roll it out and stuff it with the most delicious savoury fillings. Sophie Sucree is already famous for their spanakopita style spinach and “feta”puffs (link here) and now we are adding another delectible puff to the menu. Check out our must try fennel “sausage” & “mozza” puffs full of creamy cheesey plant-based “mozzarella” and succulent fennel “sausage” curls. It’s meaty, it’s cheesy, and it fits perfectly in your hand so you can eat it on the go as a quick snack. Try pairing it with a soup or salad (goes great with our slaw tbh!) for an easy lunch. Everything made in house. Served hot and crispy.

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Fennel Sausage Mozza Puff at Sophie Sucree Vegan Bakery in MontrealFennel “Sausage & Mozza” Puff
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