midwinter holiday menu

  the days that embrace the winter solstice are a time to celebrate, reflect, and reconnect with the important people in our lives; be they family, friends, or new acquaintances. traditionally a last chance to feast before spring, food figures as the unifying theme of the holiday period.

  it’s with that in mind that the sophie sucrée team proudly presents our 2019-2020 midwinter holiday menu, available from november 11, 2019 to january 6, 2020.

  available in our boutique, or for order online.

chocolate hazelnut yule log
did you know?

● originally, a yule log was a specially selected log burnt on a hearth

● the practice dates back to Germanic paganism

● as a dessert a yule log (or bûche de noël) is a traditional dessert served near the winter solstice made to resemble an actual yule log

● our yule log makes 6-10 portions, and is devine

$40 ea


black forest cake
did you know?

● the dessert is not directly named after the black forest mountain range in southwestern germany; but from the specialty cherry liquor of that region, known as schwarzwälder kirsch(wasser)

● typically made with cream, our black forest cake is 100% vegan – as is everything we make

6″ (8-10 portions) $40
7″ (12-16 portions) $60
8″ (18-24 portions) $80
10″ (30-36 portions) $140
12″ (45-55 portions) $220


black forest cupcake
did you know?

● cupcakes were invented by francis gertrude cup

● originally Cup’s Cakes were the size of normal cakes, and mirrors were used to make them seem smaller

● over time, bakers found it simpler to just make cupcakes as small cakes

$3.50 ea



● box of a dozen truffles (6 hazelnut praline & 6 salted caramel) $28

● box of 6 truffles (3 hazelnut praline & 3 salted caramel) $15

● box of 3 classic ganache truffles $5

● single hazelnut praline truffle $3

● single salted caramel truffle $3

● single classic ganache truffle $2

chocolate bark
did you know?

● our chocolate bark will be available at our boutique counter throughout the yuletide season

● different flavours will be on rotation, featuring our confectioners’ flare

● delicious thin chocolate shards, with various toppings (dried fruit, nuts), are made to snap – and pop right up there in your mouth

● nicely wrapped in 85g packs, they make great stocking-stuffers

● you can bring bark to a party, a date, or like us – eat it alone while watching netflix


almond brittle
did you know?

● brittle is a type of confection consisting of flat broken pieces of hard sugar candy embedded with nuts such as pecans, almonds, or peanuts (ours is almond, obvi)

● traditionally, a mixture of sugar and water is heated to the hard crack stage corresponding to a temperature of approximately 300 °F

● don’t bristle at our brittle – $4 ea


molasses ginger cookies
did you know?

● this will be the last chance to get the molasses ginger cookies before they go back in the vault

$2.50 ea